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Trap, 5-Stand, and Sporting Clays

Check the Calendar for upcoming events.  New to the sport? Click here for details.

New Fees & Schedule:

Due to the increased cost of clay targets increasing by over 30% from the last time we bought them, the ICSC will need to increase our cost for both Members and Non-Members. Due to our desire to engage more “young shooters” into the shooting sports, our cost for both 4H and Youth will only be increasing from $2.50 to $3.00 per round. The new rates will be effective July 1, 2022, for everyone.

Eye and ear protection is required on all ranges.

The club has a regulation trap field that offers three different games: standard trap, double trap, and wobble trap.Trap is held on Tuesdays from April to October. Start time is 5:00pm, weather permitting. Winter Trap runs on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm, November-March.

Bring some shells and hone your shotgun skills. If you haven’t tried the game, come and get acquainted.

Members- $5     |     Non-Members- $6     |     4H & Youth- $3

Trap vs. Skeet Shooting

Trap shooting and skeet shooting are sports where participants use shotguns to shoot moving clay targets. Both trap and skeet started as bird hunting simulations and have grown into popular sports in their own right. The small clay targets are also known as "pigeons" or "birds." While similar, trap shooting has the targets move away from the shooter while skeet shooting has the targets cross one another.

Trap Shooting

The goal of trap shooting is to hit clay targets that are traveling away from the shooter. These targets are shot in the air at varying angles using an oscillating machine known as a "house" or "bunker." In this discipline, the shooters know the target's point of origin but don't know the target's angle. Not knowing the target's angle creates an intense challenge for even the most experienced shooters. Trap shooters shoot five shots from five different points on a semi-circular field. Therefore, shooters fire a total of 25 shots per round. Shooters rotate around the semi-circle until everybody has completed five shots from each position.


Skeet Shooting

In skeet shooting, the goal is to hit two clay targets that are crossing one another. Two target machines are placed 40 meters apart, one at 10 feet high (known as the high house) and one at 3.5 feet high (known as the low house). Both targets rise to a maximum height of 15 feet by the time they reach the field's center. Shooters aim from seven positions on a semi-circular field, with each shooter firing a total of 25 rounds. Traditionally, 17 targets are singles and eight are doubles.

Information from Pelican Products, Inc website.

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