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One Club. One Goal. Safety First.

One Club. One Goal. Safety First.

The Isabella County Sportsmen's Club is one of Northern Michigan's oldest and largest private shooting sports facilities. Incorporated over 30 years ago, the Isabella County Sportsmen's Club (ICSC) presently offers a wide range of shooting programs, 3-D Archery and fishing opportunities.

  • ICSC has four different shooting ranges for member use (up to 300 yards).

  • ICSC offers Trap, Sporting Clays and 5 Stand opportunities.

  • ​ICSC provides a number of targets for member archery practice and sight-in. 

  • ICSC offers a pond that is stocked with panfish for catch and release fishing. 

The Isabella County Sportsman's Club is located on the corner of Winn and Milbrook Roads in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Use of the facilities is not restricted to club members. For information on how to join, please visit the Membership page.

Contact us today if you're interested in more information about our facilities and membership opportunities.

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