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Facility Rentals

Use of the facilities is not restricted to club members.

Our goal at ICSC is to provide a pleasurable, memorable, hospitality experience for our guests. To ensure your event a success, please read the following policies:


If you will be using the clubhouse for six or more hours (including your set-up and tear-down time).

  • For ICSC members, the cost is $250.00

  • For non-members, the cost is $350.00


If you will be using the clubhouse less than six hours (including your set-up and tear-down time).

  • For ICSC members, the cost is $125.00

  • For non-members, the cost is $175.00


To reserve the clubhouse, the Renter must contact the rental Chairman at 989-817-4240 or to inquire regarding availability. Once availability is determined, the renter must submit the following to secure a date:

  • Complete the Clubhouse Rental Agreement

  • A check (payable to ICSC), or PayPal payment, for the amount of the rental plus $200 cleaning/damage deposit*.


Only once the above items are received, the reservation will be confirmed and secured. (*The cleaning/damage deposit will be returned by an ICSC check within 10 business days following the event and post-event inspection if the facility usage policies outlined below are followed and no violation of the policies occurred.)


  • Renter is responsible for the conduct of all attending event guests.

  • Renter is responsible for ensuring there is no smoking/vaping of any kind within the clubhouse.

  • Renter is responsible for ensuring any/all alcohol is not accessible by, provided to, and/or consumed by anyone under tyhe age of 21 years old.

  • The sale of alcohol or drugs is STRICTLY prohibited.

  • Unless previous arrangements have been made, rental of the clubhouse does NOT include use of and/or access to/on the shooting ranges.

  • Deposit money will only be returned if the clubhouse is returned to its original Pre-Event Inspection condition at the end of the rental following the post-event inspection (Download Pre and Post-Event Inspection Checklists)


  • I agree to all terms, conditions, and policies stated here within the Clubhouse Rental Agreement

  • I agree not to hold the Isabella County Sportsman's Club, it's Officers, Trustees, Committee Chairs, Volunteers or Employees as such, liable for any damages or accidents incurred by myself or attending event guests.

  • I agree and understand that I will be held liable for any damages to the Isabella County Sportsman's Club, including, but not limited to, the clubhouse and grounds caused by my event guests or by myself.

  • I agree and understand that the Isabella County Sportsman's Club reserves the right to have a representative enter the clubhouse and terminate my use thereof should I and/or my event guests violate any term of this agreement or should the conduct of myself, any event guest, and/or person using the facility endanger the health, safety, or well-being of any person or constitute a threat to anyone or any property.

Clubhouse Rental Agreement


Select an item ($)
12:00 PM
06:00 PM

Thank you for completing our Rental Agreement. We will be in touch very soon. 

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