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One Club. One Goal. Safety First.

Memberships (Online or by mail)

You have 2 options for completing a membership application. You can do it online with the form below or you can print the application and mail it with a check or money order made payable to ICSC.  If printing and using US Mail, applications and payment should be mailed to : Frank Andera, c/o ICSC, P.O. Box 383 Winn, MI 48896.

Membership dues are prorated throughout the year and can be found in the print application. When an application is received by the membership chairperson, renewing members will receive an updated membership card. New members will receive details on how to set up their Range Safety and Liability Training session. New members must have this Range Safety and Liability Training prior to receiving their range privileges. The training will take a maximum of one hour.

A member in good standing can bring up to two guests. But you're responsible for those guests while they're on the property as well as their safety and their actions. You want to make sure that your guests behave in a safe manner and follow the rules of the club. 

Online Membership Application

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An address must be added to receive your membership card.

By providing a valid email, you help the club save money in printing/postage costs, and you stay more informed. Email address is never shared. Newsletters and News Announcements are only sent to your email] address. Because of costs, they will not be sent via U.S. mail Regular Memberships and Student Memberships represent the Calendar Year, i.e. JANUARY 1ST- DECEMBER 31ST

Please indicate your areas of interest
If you are a new member, how did you hear about ICSC?

Your electronic signature below is affirmation that you will abide by the rules of the I.C.S.C., promote safe gun handling, and not divulge the gate combination to non-members.

Please be patient as your application is processed & checkout cart loads.

This button will go gray when processing. It could be a minute or two.

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