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Winchester SXP Black Shadow Pump-Action Shotgun

12 Gauge | Black | Synthetic Black

Winchester SXP Black Shadow Pump-Action Shotgun

he Winchester® SXP® Black Shadow® Pump-Action Shotgun uses a rotary bolt and an inertia-assisted action to provide you with super fast follow-up shots on missed birds or shooting multiple targets. 4 massive lugs on the bolt provide incredible strength with a solid lockup. The dual steel slide bars eliminate twisting and binding when cycling the action. A durable synthetic stock with textured forend and pistol grip gives your hands a non-slip grip in any weather, and the Black Shadow's non-glare matte black finish on barrel and receiver won't spook wary game. The brass front bead on the vent rib is quick to pick up in any light. All SXPs come with an Inflex Technology™ recoil pad which helps direct and channel recoil impulse, moving the comb down and away from your cheek, while a hard heel insert on the pad makes mounting the shotgun snag-free. The bore is hard chrome-plated and back-bored for improved patterns, and uses the interchangeable Invector-Plus™ choke tube system. A crossbolt safety button is located on the front of the trigger guard on the SXP Black Shadow for easy access, even when wearing gloves. A speed-plug system makes removing the magazine plug quick and easy, without tools. The Winchester SXP Pump-Action Shotgun, with the Black Shadow's weather resistant stock and non-glare finish, makes the perfect shotgun for duck hunting, turkey hunting, or a rugged, reliable all-purpose shotgun. Includes 3 chokes: F, M, IC.

  • SXP rotary bolt

  • Inertia-assisted action

  • Dual steel slide bars

  • Durable synthetic stock

  • Inflex Technology recoil pad

  • Non-glare matte black finish

  • Back-bored and chrome-plated bore

  • Uses Invector-Plus choke tubes

  • Vent rib with brass bead

  • Speed-plug system

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