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Kurt Grashaw


Aug 26, 2023

CPL Class a Success

On Saturday, August 26th Applied Tactical Defense LLC held a successful CPL class at ICSC.

On Saturday, 13 students attended a CPL class at ICSC provided by Applied Tactical Defense, LLC. It was a great day to get a CPL. Thanks to Luke Sawyer and Rich Nestle of the ICSC Board for helping make this a safe and informative class for all.

Next class is September 30, 2023. Here are just a few of the great reviews from the class.


"A lot of information, I thought it was presented well. Kept my interest all the way through. Thanks for having the class!" Lynn S.


"Kurt has a special way of being both entertaining and informative. He was able to take what could have been some boring and technical information and make it interesting and relatable. Our class time just flew by, thanks to Mr. Grashaw's instruction. He also made us nervous folks feel very at ease on the range, overall a really great experience." - Deb S.


"Good information presented in an easy to follow format. Instructor was knowledgeable." - Laurie G.

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